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How To Install Windows On Hetzner Dedicated Server (2024)

Installing windows on Hetzner dedicated server is very easy process. Hetzner is the most popular cloud web server provider. They have their own data-center in Germany and has the biggest infrastructure.
Sometime we need to install Windows on the server to do our jobs done and use the server like a RDP. But Hetzner charges about $80 per month for Windows installation and license. In this post we will learn how to install windows on Hetzner Dedicated Server for free.

Which Windows Can I Install on Hetzner Dedicated Server?


Hetzner servers do not support Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 or Windows 11. As this Windows versions was not designed to use on servers. As a result you can install:

  • Windows Server 2012 R2
  • Windows Server 2016
  • Windows Server 2019
  • Windows Server 2022


What I need to install windows on Hetzner dedicated server?

You will need KVM access and Windows Server ISO files. You can download windows server ISO files directly from Microsoft Official Website or Download from here:


So, lets begin the installation process of How To Install Windows On Hetzner Dedicated Server step by step:

Step 01: Asking KVM access to Hetzner Support

Now, you need the KVM access of your server. Ask the support to provide you the KVM access with the Windows ISO link. They will add the ISO and KVM. It will take 10-20 mins to get a reply from Hetzner Support.



Step 02: Installing Windows on the server


After you get the KVM access login to your server. It will show you the video of the server in current position just like a monitor. Now, boot your server from the Windows ISO they have added to the server.
After start booting the server, the windows installation process will start and you can go with the windows installation process. It will take 10 mins to get done.



Step 03: Enabling Remote Desktop Connection on The Server


After you have done the installation process now we need to enable Windows RDP connection. So that we can connect the Server from our own computer. By default windows keeps it disabled. To enable it Go To Start Button and search for “Remote Desktop Settings”

  • Now, click Enable
  • Go to advanced settings and uncheck Network Level Authentication.

Step 04: Connecting to the RDP Server


I hope you have done all the steps correctly and now lets connect to the RDP we have installed just now. To connect to the RDP server Open RDP in your computer and input the IP address of your server and click connect. Now input the User & Password you putted while installing the Windows on the server. Click connect again and it will connect you to the RDP Windows Server.



With this steps we can install windows on Hetzner dedicated server for free.

There are some common things you should remember:

  1. Some of the auction Hetzner server do not suppot Windows installation.
  2. KVM access is available for only 1-3 hours. Always choose 3 hours as duration. And KVM access is limited and not free after 3 horus.
  3. You can not add Windows 10 or 11 iso. You must provide the link of Windows Servers ISO to add with the KVM.
  4. You must enable Windows RDP to connect from your computer.

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