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In case of smartphone use, it is said to restart or shut down once throughout the day. This is also the case with computers. This is important to protect or keep the device in good condition. Restart or shutdown option is given in all operating systems including Microsoft Windows, MacOS. However, the functionality and details of these two commands are required. A simple shutdown means turning off the computer and a restart means turning it on again. But apart from these two explanations, there are more details.

Shut down: In general, shutdown means turning off the computer. This command is given at the end of work or after any software update. However, through Windows 8 and 10, these two issues have come to light. Previously both commands had almost the same function. Later two commands start two types of work.

Restart: Restart temporarily shuts down and restarts the computer system. It clears RAM and processor cache. Basically, after a software update or driver installation, a restart is given to make it work properly. Currently, restart notifications are also given for installing various drivers including graphics.

Know when you need one of the two.

First of all, if you are advised to restart during any update or software installation, just restart. To complete an update successfully, go to Settings, Power Options and hit Restart. Daily use often disrupts the normal functioning of the computer. At that time, the technicians advised to restart the device to avoid unwanted situation. It provides Windows file protection, temp file invalidation and update capabilities.

Secondly, if you are concerned about the power consumption and battery life of your computer or laptop, shut it down. If you don’t want to use the UPS or battery for a long time, especially during rain or storm or if the power goes out, the computer should be shut down. Besides, it is a good solution to shut down or turn off the computer to protect it from hackers. All communication is then stopped. As a result, if you ever suspect that a hacker has infiltrated the computer, it is not possible to do the rest if you turn off the computer. —via Reddit

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